waterfront promenade
harbor water view in Baltimore

The aft view of the USCGC Taney moored alongside Pier 5 of the Inner Harbor, with the Power Plant on the left.

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Previous waterfront-promenade pictures One of the Inner Harbor TrashCat™ trash skimmer boats patrols the shoreline striving to keep the Inner Harbor free  from litter which comes from sewers and run offs throughout Baltimore. This once popular waterfront restaurant is now closed to make way for the Four Seasons Hotel in Inner Harbor East. Pier 6 of the Inner Harbor is home to a live music venue. You can get a great glimpse of the city from many points of the Waterfront Promenade, like this one near Lancaster Street in Inner Harbor East. The USS Constellation Museum at the Inner Harbor. Dragon shaped paddle boats are lined up alongside of the Inner Harbor. The Waterfront Promenade goes around the World Trade Center. The ticket booth to the Baltimore Maritime Museum.  One tickets allows you to tour several museum ships and the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse. The USS Torsk is a popular attraction of the Baltimore Maritime Museum. The Maryland Science Center offers interactive exhibits that inspire the young and old's imaginations. The paddle boats are a popular activity for visitors to the Inner Harbor. Paddle boats and other small craft can be found in the Inner Harbor on nice Summer days. One of the smaller water taxis pulls into the promenade near the USS Constellation. The Water Taxi transports people to different neighborhoods and attractions that border the Inner Harbor. Phillip's is one of the longest living and most popular restaurants in Harborplace. The Baltimore Visitor Center is a relatively new addition to the Inner Harbor and is the place to start for first time visitors to Baltimore. The upper levels of harborplace give great views of the Inner Harbor. The lady Baltimore and the Bay Lady offer pleasure cruises for visitors and are available for charters. The Water Taxi Indefatigable, pulls into the busy Harborplace landing. Many of the Harborplace restaurants have outdoor seating to compliment their indoor seating. You can see Federal Hill in the background of this shot overlooking Paolo's Ristorante in the Light Street Pavilion of harborplace. The USS Constellation is a long way from its hey day of as the command ship of the Slave ship hunting African Squadron.  It has been recently restored and is a floating museum. The Pratt Street Pavilion of harborplace has many retail stores and full service restaurants for visitors to enjoy. This floating pier was built to allow the waterfront promenade to continue through this highly developed area without a break in its continuity. This floating pier keeps the waterfront promenade connected from the Canton Waterfront Park to the base of Federal Hill. The shoreline of the Canton Waterfront Park, which is the origin of the Baltimore waterfront promenade.