The Fell's Point Water Taxi landing is one of the main transfer points of the Water Taxi system.

water taxi boat in Baltimore The Black eyed Susan paddle wheel boat moored alongside the Broadway pier. The USS Constellation is berthed at Pier 1 at the Inner Harbor and it is one of the main attractions of the harbor.. Small boat owners moor alongside the promenade to take advantage of all of the attractions at the Inner Harbor. This Coast Guard Cutter is the last ship remaining afloat from the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 and a part of the Baltimore Maritime Museum. When not cruising the harbor the Lady Baltimore can be found moored alongside the promenade just South of Light Street Pavilion. The Black Eyed Susan is a fun way to spend the day or evening on the harbor. One of the Inner Harbor TrashCat™ trash skimmer boats patrols the shoreline striving to keep the Inner Harbor free  from litter which comes from sewers and run offs throughout Baltimore. Dragon shaped paddle boats are lined up alongside of the Inner Harbor. The paddle boats are a popular activity for visitors to the Inner Harbor. Paddle boats and other small craft can be found in the Inner Harbor on nice Summer days. One of the smaller water taxis pulls into the promenade near the USS Constellation. The Water Taxi transports people to different neighborhoods and attractions that border the Inner Harbor. The lady Baltimore and the Bay Lady offer pleasure cruises for visitors and are available for charters. The Water Taxi Indefatigable, pulls into the busy Harborplace landing. Additional vehicle pictures

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