thames street

A plaque on the City Recreation Pier building commemorating Homicide Life on the Street, which was filmed at the location for 7 years in the 90's.

Although renovated as a commercial mixed use development, Brown's Wharf maintains elements of it's industrial heritage. The Fells Point Maritime Museum resides in the block long building that used to house the horse trolley service.  The Museum documents the rich tradition of  shipbuilding in Fells Point and more. Duda's Tavern (Doo Dah)  is a great example of the Fells Point corner bar. The intersection of Fell and Thames Streets. An example of the identification markers that the Preservation Society uses on historic properties in Fell's Point. The Horse is one of Fells Point's most notable taverns.  The South side of Thames Street in historic Fells Point. John Steven's is a popular seafood restaurant and Fels Point tavern. The Daily Grind is a favored coffee shop in Fells Point.  It has a large indoor and outdoor seating area. A view of the wide The Waterfront Hotel is a favorite tavern in the heart of Fells Point.  They are known for their live music and being a common shooting location for the Homicide television series. Koopers Tavern is a popular bar in Fells Point.  They have better than normal bar food and a friendly staff.  Sadly, dogs are no longer allowed in due to health code rules. Kali's Court is one of the better seafood restaurants in the city.

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