The Inner Harbor of Baltimore.

harbor water view in Baltimore Rash field, the Inner Harbor, and the downtown skyline as seen from Federal Hill. The Inner Harbor of Baltimore as seen from Federal Hill.  Rash field is in the foreground with the downtown skyline in the background. You can get a great glimpse of the city from many points of the Waterfront Promenade, like this one near Lancaster Street in Inner Harbor East. The Marriott Waterfront Hotel offers some of the best views of the city from it's upper floors in Inner Harbor East. Looking North on the East side of Broadway street in Fells Point. Looking South on the East side of Broadway Street.  Max's is in the foreground with Jimmy's and other lower Broadway shops in the background. Skyline of Baltimore with the base of Federal Hill on the right. This view of downtown Baltimore was taken from the lower path of Federal Hill Park. Baltimore has many pleasure boats available for cruising.  Many of which dock right at the heart of the Inner Harbor. Looking East from the Top of Federal Hill Park.  The Marriott Waterfront Hotel can be seen to the right with new condominium construction at the edge of the photo. The Legg Mason building is one of the most prominent office buildings in downtown Baltimore. Looking North on Boston Street with the Anchorage Condominium tower to the left and Safeway and the Can Company to the right. The Harborplace pavilions can be seen forming the corner of the shoreline of the Inner Harbor. A Cannon points towards the city from the top of Federal Hill.  During the Civil War these cannons were used to ensure that Baltimore stayed loyal to the Union. Additional skyline pictures

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