A Baltimore City plaque from 1987 dedicating the Thomas D'Alesandro Jr. Park to the residents of Little Italy.

A plaque on the City Recreation Pier building commemorating Homicide Life on the Street, which was filmed at the location for 7 years in the 90's. Although renovated as a commercial mixed use development, Brown's Wharf maintains elements of it's industrial heritage. The Heritage Walk is a tour of the Jonestown, Inner Harbor, Inner Harbor East, Little Italy, and Downtown neighborhoods with the trail marked by these circular markers in the ground. The Harborplace Pratt Street Pavilion. Lighthouse Point has undergone heavy development, even for Canton standards, in the last few years.  More development is planned including a high rise tower. An example of the identification markers that the Preservation Society uses on historic properties in Fell's Point. The Maryland Science Center Talk about a match made in heaven.  Ma Petite Shoe opens up a boutique shop selling shoes and chocolate and the women of Baltimore rejoice! Hanging on a Whim is one of many boutique shops along The Avenue. The Inner Harbor East Marina enjoys one of the best locations for boat owners to keep their craft close to the Inner Harbor. The Horse is one of Fells Point's most notable taverns.  The Power Dog flexes his muscles in front of the Power Plant at the Inner Harbor. The Light Street Pavillion has a market of food vendors that will give indecisive people a hard time in choosing something to eat. The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Baltimore is one of the Hyatt's most successful properties due to its prime location and distinctive architecture. Additional sign pictures

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