Duck into an alley along The Avenue for the Alley Cat consignment shop.

boutique shop specialty in Baltimore In Watermelon Sugar is one of the larger gift shops in Hampden. The Village Flower Mart is a popular local florist in Hampden. Atomic Books on the Avenue is your source for independent and underground books, comics, and graphic novels. The Frame House occupies the pointy end of the block in between Ann and Fell Streets. The Wine Source brings a wide selection of fine and table wines to the increasingly trendy Hampden neighborhood. Talk about a match made in heaven.  Ma Petite Shoe opens up a boutique shop selling shoes and chocolate and the women of Baltimore rejoice! One of several boutique shops in converted rowhomes along Hampden's The Avenue. Hanging on a Whim is one of many boutique shops along The Avenue. Small shops and services in converted rowhouses, such as Kumbyah Hair Design, add to Hampden's eclectic personality. Nearly every rowhouse along The Avenue is used as a storefront. The headquarter store of Royal Farms is on the Avenue in Hampden. The Frame House occupies a unique space at the end of a wedge in-between Ann and Fell Streets.

36th street area boutique shop building commercial hampden photo point of interest retail specialty street the avenue

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