The Baltimore Basilica was the first Cathedral in the United States. It has been recently restored and reopened.

baltimore basilica cathedral in Baltimore St Leo's is the bedrock of the Italian community in Little Italy. The Intersection of Boston Street and O'Donnell Street with St Casmir Church in the background. St Casmir as seen from the Lighthouse Point parking lot.  The Saint Casmir Church is one of the bedrocks of the Canton community. The twin bell towers of the Saint Casmir Catholic Church. The Mount Vernon Methodist Church stands where the former residence of Charles Howard used to be.  Howard was the son of John Eager Howard and was married to Francis Scott Key's Daughter.  Francis Scott Key died at this location while visiting his Daughter. The Basilica the day before it reopened for services. St Luke's Lutheran Church on Chestnut and 36th are one of several local Protestant congregations in Hampden. The enormous facade of St. Casmir church in Canton near O'Donnell Square. The Lighthouse Landing is one of many mixed use properties in Canton that have been renovated in the last 20 years. The Washington Monument Park with the Lafayette statue, the monument itself, and the Methodist church shown. The Baltimore Basilica is the Co-Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

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