odonnell street

O'Donnell square is the heart of the Canton neighborhood. Many of its most well known shops, bars, and restaurants border the square.

odonnell square point of interest in Baltimore Claddagh Pub is one of the more popular taverns in Canton and the host of one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parties in Baltimore. The Intersection of Boston Street and O'Donnell Street with St Casmir Church in the background. The Saint Casmir Church is one of the bedrocks of the Canton community. The twin bell towers of the Saint Casmir Catholic Church. The extremely popular Vaccaro's pastry shop of Little Italy has opened a satellite shop in O'Donnell Square.  Local Canton clothiers are now stocking larger sizes and the Merritt Athletic club has seen a spike in new memberships. Captain John O'Donnell, the founder of Canton. The statue of John O'Donnell is the centerpiece of the square. Helen's Garden in O'Donnell Square is known for enjoying a bottle of wine with a group of friends and family. The front door to the Speakeasy, a popular tavern on the Northwest corner of O'Donnell Square. The enormous facade of St. Casmir church in Canton near O'Donnell Square. The Southwest corner of O'Donnell Square. Nacho Mama's is a fun bar with an eclectic collection of Elvis, Johnny U, and Natty Boh' memorabilia. The center of O'Donnell square. Salons, bars, restaurants, and boutique shops are the dominant form of businesses along O'Donnell Square. Additional odonnell-street pictures

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