natioinal aquarium

A beautiful August day at the Inner Harbor with paddle boats cruising out front of the National Aquarium.

harbor water view in Baltimore The World Trade Center's reflection in one of the glass walls of the National Aquarium. A side view of the National Aquarium in Baltimore. The National Aquarium in Baltimore including the Marine Mammal Pavilion to the right. The outlying grounds of the National Aquarium have informational exhibits of wetland wildlife. A recent expansion to the National Aquarium currently featuring the Animal Planet Australia Wild Extremes exhibit.  The Aquarium's directors indicate that further expansions are coming. The National Aquarium as seen from the driveway of the Pier 5 Hotel. An old ship's screw is on display on the grounds of the National Aquarium. The National Aquarium in Baltimore has been one of the Inner Harbor's top draws for nearly 30 years.

area harbor inner harbor landscape natioinal aquarium photo point of interest street water view waterfront promenade

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