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The Walters Art Museum is one of the major art museums of Baltimore, located in the heart of Mount Vernon.

walters art museum, art in Baltimore The Baltimore Basilica was the first Cathedral in the United States.  It has been recently restored and reopened. The top part of the Washington Monument stands atop a 178 foot column. The Washington Monument and surrounding park decorated with holiday lights. The Meyerhoff Symphony Hall is the home of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and hosts many other special events. The Belvedere is home to the Owl Bar, the 13th Floor, and many professional services. A statue of George Peabody in the Washington Monument Park.  The statue sits out in front of the Peabody Institute. The Mount Vernon Methodist Church stands where the former residence of Charles Howard used to be.  Howard was the son of John Eager Howard and was married to Francis Scott Key's Daughter.  Francis Scott Key died at this location while visiting his Daughter. The Washington Monument in Baltimore was the first monument to honor George Washington. The Basilica the day before it reopened for services. The Mount Vernon Hotel is a Century old hotel built in 1907. The Walters Art Museum in Mount Vernon. A modern sculpture outside of the Meyerhoff. The entrance to the Meyerhoff. The Brewer's Art in Mount Vernon is one of the best places to enjoy a Belgian ale in Baltimore. Additional mount-vernon pictures

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