Springtime in Baltimore.

sherwood gardens park in Baltimore After the cherry trees bloom the flowers come out in Guilford. Come to Guilford during the Springtime for a glimpse of natural beauty. Sherwood Gardens tulips are famous throughout the US. Guilford is well known as the most beautiful neighborhood in Baltimore. Sherwood Gardens is ridiculously beautiful. Sherwood Gardens is best seen at the end of April and the beginning of May. Bring a picnic basket along with a few friends to Sherwood Gardens in the first week of May for a unique experience. Guilford's Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore. Variety upon variety of tulips are planted every year to create an ephemeral beauty in the heart of Baltimore. Here's one of nearly a hundred thousand flowers in Sherwood Gardens. Dozens of tulip beds are laid out throughout Guilford's Sherwood Gardens. An orange bed of tulips sits in a corner of Guilford's Sherwood Gardens. Many species of differing colors and shapes of tulips can be found in the 6 acre Sherwood Gardens park. 80,000+ tulip bulbs are planted annually in this garden oasis. Additional guilford pictures

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Pictures are great but being there is even better. Reserve your hotel in Baltimore today and make new memories.
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