fells point

The Fell's Point Water Taxi landing is one of the main transfer points of the Water Taxi system.

water taxi boat in Baltimore The Black eyed Susan paddle wheel boat moored alongside the Broadway pier. Looking out to the harbor from a pier in Fells Point. The Waterfront Promenade wraps around Henderson's Wharf, an upscale hotel and condominium in Fell's Point. A plaque on the City Recreation Pier building commemorating Homicide Life on the Street, which was filmed at the location for 7 years in the 90's. A variety of businesses and shops are lined up along the Southwestern side of Broadway Street in Fells Point. Bertha's legendary advertising slogan,Eat Bertha's Mussels, can be found on more places than just your car's bumper. The Admiral Fell Inn is a very popular boutique hotel in the heart of historic Fells Point. The Black Eyed Susan is a fun way to spend the day or evening on the harbor. The Baltimore Waterfront Promenade uses funds raised from the sale of engraved bricks to build new sections of the promenade. Although renovated as a commercial mixed use development, Brown's Wharf maintains elements of it's industrial heritage. One of many blue crab sculptures throughout Baltimore can be found on the promenade near Henderson's Wharf. The Frame House occupies the pointy end of the block in between Ann and Fell Streets. Dragon shaped paddle boats are lined up alongside of the Inner Harbor. The Wharf Rat is a popular bar amongst the locals offering their own brewed beverages, Oliver Ales. Additional fells-point pictures

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