The Waterfront Promenade wraps around Henderson's Wharf, an upscale hotel and condominium in Fell's Point.

The Civil War Museum and the Scarlett Place Condominium show how historic and modern architecture can co-exist in a city. Lighthouse Point has undergone heavy development, even for Canton standards, in the last few years.  More development is planned including a high rise tower. This floating pier was built to allow the waterfront promenade to continue through this highly developed area without a break in its continuity. Canton Cove condominium sits near the Canton waterfront park and offers great views of the water for its residents. The Belvedere is home to the Owl Bar, the 13th Floor, and many professional services. A construction barge works on the Ritz Carlton Residences in front of the American Visionary Arts Museum. Construction in the Inner Harbor East development has been booming since the turn of the century. The entrance to the Inn at Henderson's Wharf in Fells Point. Construction cranes are busy erecting the latest luxury waterfront residences for the Ritz Carlton and Harborview developments. Looking North on Boston Street with the Anchorage Condominium tower to the left and Safeway and the Can Company to the right. The Anchorage condo tower located on the waterfront offers spectacular views of the city. The Bond Street Wharf is a newer development which converted an old abandoned pier into a mixed use property with condos, offices, and retail space. Bond street wharf in Fells Point. The Belvedere was once a hotel.  It is now a mixed use property with Condos, restaurants, clubs, and other businesses. Additional condominium pictures

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