The pagoda stands atop of Hampstead Hill in Patterson Park.

pagoda, patterson park in Baltimore The Pagoda, or Patterson Observatory, is one of the highlights of Patterson Park. O'Donnell square is the heart of the Canton neighborhood.  Many of its most well known shops, bars, and restaurants border the square. The White House in Patterson Park is the home of The Friends of Patterson Park. A statue of two young children explaining the birth of The Star Spangled Banner. The Victorian era detail of the pagoda is amazing. Patterson Park's boat lake has a wooden pier on the North side of the lake that's perfect for fishing or a stroll around the lake. Patterson Park's Boat Lake is home to quite a few visiting water fowl. The South side retaining wall of the boat lake in Patterson Park. Patterson Park has many paths to stroll along. A bench near the Latrobe Fountain in Patterson Park is a nice place to relax. The Friends of Patterson Park do a tremendous job of improving the park. The Latrobe Fountain and the White House of Patterson Park. Cannons on the ridge of Hampstead Hill. Claddagh Pub is one of the more popular taverns in Canton and the host of one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parties in Baltimore. Additional canton pictures

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