can company

The Can Company on Boston street defines the term 'mixed use' property and is full of restaurants, cafes, bars, boutique shops, businesses, and professional services.

The headquarters of everyone's favorite caulk company are one of the many businesses run from the mixed use Can Company. Austin Grill and their outdoor seating are a popular lunch time destination for local office workers on an extended break. Ray Lewis opened up his own franchise of the Full Moon Bar-B-Que chain.  It's a hit with both football and BBQ fans. Many elements of the old factory were preserved to keep the Can Company's distinctive industrial style. The Kiss Cafe has billiards tables, gourmet coffee, fine wines, and a full service restaurant.  Who knew such a combination would work out so great? At the Can Company you can buy flowers for your date, enjoy a steak dinner for two, a bottle of wine for after dinner, and then go see a dentist the next day to fix the filling that came out while eating said steak, and then a last stop at the bank to pay for it all. phhew!  Maybe you better get a cup of coffee while you're there too. The Kiss Cafe is a multi story, multi function hang out spot that keeps people coming in time and time again.

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