Bertha's legendary advertising slogan,Eat Bertha's Mussels, can be found on more places than just your car's bumper.

Claddagh Pub is one of the more popular taverns in Canton and the host of one of the largest St. Patrick's Day parties in Baltimore. The Wharf Rat is a popular bar amongst the locals offering their own brewed beverages, Oliver Ales. The Bay Cafe on the waterfront next to Tindeco Wharf is one of the most popular bar / restaurants in Baltimore. Duda's Tavern (Doo Dah)  is a great example of the Fells Point corner bar. The Horse is one of Fells Point's most notable taverns.  John Steven's is a popular seafood restaurant and Fels Point tavern. Helen's Garden in O'Donnell Square is known for enjoying a bottle of wine with a group of friends and family. The front door to the Speakeasy, a popular tavern on the Northwest corner of O'Donnell Square. The Kiss Cafe has billiards tables, gourmet coffee, fine wines, and a full service restaurant.  Who knew such a combination would work out so great? Red Fish has one of the most distinctive signs in Baltimore on the corner of its building.  The food's not to bad either. The Kiss Cafe is a multi story, multi function hang out spot that keeps people coming in time and time again. The Wharf Rat is one of several taverns that line up along the North side of Pratt Street near the Convention Center and Oriole Park at Camden Yards. An interesting street sign is on the corner of the Fells Point Wharf Rat. The Waterfront Hotel is a favorite tavern in the heart of Fells Point.  They are known for their live music and being a common shooting location for the Homicide television series. Additional bar pictures

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