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The Walters Art Museum is one of the major art museums of Baltimore, located in the heart of Mount Vernon.

walters art museum, art in Baltimore The American Visionary Arts Museum as seen from the other side of the harbor before the construction of the Ritz Carlton Residences. The Baltimore Museum of Art's most notable collection is the Cone Collection which holds many important impressionist works of art. The Walters Art Museum in Mount Vernon. The Baltimore Museum of Art advertises their new admission price which has been subsidized by a grant. A new wing can be seen from the South side of the Baltimore Museum of Art A construction barge works on the Ritz Carlton Residences in front of the American Visionary Arts Museum. The BMA visitor entrance is to the right of the main building when facing it. The visitors entrance to the BMA. The original building of the BMA. One of the two lion statues guarding the entrance to the BMA.

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